EPP(Expanded Polypropylene)
D/Gray, D/Blue, Red
Pet house(7ea) + Mat(1ea)

"My heart belongs to you.  Your heart belongs to us."

Creative Block Structure

The house is completed by interconnecting seven bodies and one cover.

Reduces and Expands

It can be reduced or expanded depending on the growth and size of the companion animal.

Looks Good All The Time

The seven bodies are interchangeable with each other and can hide scratches, ensuring cleanliness and endurance.

No Risk of Harm

Foam materials absorb impact so that neither the companion animal nor the person is hurt.

Temperature Stability

Because of its thermal insulation, it can last a long time with a cooling mat or a heating mat.

Designer Edition

Size : 470mm*475mm*575mm (18.5in*18.7in*22.6in)

Material : EPP(expanded polypropylene)

Weight : 2.60kg(5.73lb)

Color : dark gray

Unlike Styrofoam, EPP is widely used for sanitary containers and children's toys. It is firstly developed for a pet animal and it is known as an eco-friendly material made by foaming polypropylene (PP) material.


Designer Edition



Change the direction of the frame.
Change the position of the frame.
Combine wood and fabric.
Change the fabric pattern.

Without hammer or drill Vivi is ready  !!

If rarely used, disassemble and fit into a small space!!

Puppy House 1 /Table (Hund) 1 / Ceramics 3 / Marble 1 / Marble base 1

Personality Expressing Vivi

This is the news on the instagram.

The models in the homepage are friends we met at the "Organic Animal Sanctuary" sponsored and volunteered by Bibi Puppy. Bibi Puppy continues to support the expansion of pets' welfare through the "Organic Animal Sanctuary". I will make a happy world with companion animals.

* Design Biennale Exhibition
* Selected as GD (Good Design) by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy
* Won the Korea Design Promotion Foundation KIDP Prize
* Exhibited in Germany Reddot Design Aword

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