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Designer's EDITION

Stylish Stripes

You can enjoy magnificence and cleanliness at the same time. 


Exceptional Stability

Optimized ratio of body to mat maximizes safety and stability.


Harmony of Heaviness and Lightness

While feeling the weight of the pattern and dark gray color, you can show off the actual weight for its lightness, easy movement and maintenance. 


No Sudden Worry Of Contamination

If contamination occurs during use, the smell of bacteria can easily be removed by washing and drying. 

Well-Matched Dark Gray

The color fits well with the atmosphere of the house and with any companion animal’s color.

Color Expressing Personality
Expresses the mood that you want to create through mat colors.
(Yellow, Red, Blue)


Express Creativity

Adopts non-rigid foaming material and can express personality with pins, clips, bands, etc.


Health and Environment

You are free from worries about smell and health as there are no environmental hormone disruptors.

Designer Edition

Creative Block Structure

The house is completed by interconnecting seven bodies and one cover.

Reduces and Expands

It can be reduced or expanded depending on the growth and size of the companion animal.

Looks Good All The Time

The seven bodies are interchangeable with each other and can hide scratches, ensuring cleanliness and endurance.

No Risk of Harm

Foam materials absorb impact so that neither the companion animal nor the person is hurt.


Temperature Stability

Because of its thermal insulation, it can last a long time with a cooling mat or a heating mat.